Laura Kyriss, C.N.M., Certified Nurse Midwife

Laura Kyriss, CNM

Certified Nurse Midwives in Omaha, NE

I worked as a labor and delivery nurse in a busy high volume, high acuity hospital for 7 years prior to becoming a midwife. I loved the fast pace of it and the ever-changing nature of the job, but I loved when I would have a low-risk patient that wanted less intervention. I really enjoyed the education part of my job as nurse and getting to spend one on one time with families during my shifts. Several years into my nursing career, I volunteered as a nurse in rural Kenya and I worked for 3 months in a maternity unit in a very remote part of the country with very little access to OB care. I was able to teach postpartum hemorrhage management and newborn resuscitation to over 60 clinicians, and got to help welcome lots of sweet newborns. I had toyed with the idea of midwifery prior to this, but after seeing the health disparities and impact that midwives can have not only here in the US but also globally, it solidified my desire to go back to school.

I applied to midwifery school and completed my Doctorate in Nursing Practice specializing in Nurse-Midwifery at the University of Minnesota in 2020. I decided to became a midwife because I wanted to serve women and their families with current, evidence-based practices. I believe in promoting patient autonomy and educating my patients so they can make the best, informed decision for themselves and their families. My favorite part of my job is getting to build relationships with women and their families. I love including the family in visits, and one of my favorite things is seeing partners and big siblings’ faces when they hear the baby’s heartbeat. I also really enjoy spending time educating patients about their health and empowering them.

I live in Omaha with my partner, Kevin, and our dog, George, and in my free time I enjoy doing home renovation projects and traveling.