Amanda Lura, Certified Nurse Midwife

Amanda Lura, C.N.M.

Certified Nurse Midwives in Omaha, NE

My love and interest for nursing began in my family home. My mom was a nurse and worked in postpartum gynecology. I remember hearing her stories about “helping mommies and babies” and I knew it was something I wanted to do one day. I’ve always been a “nurturer” and from day one knew that nursing was what I was meant to do.

While completing my prerequisite classes at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln I took a job in Labor and Delivery at St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center. I worked there as a patient registrar, registering patients that came in to have their baby. During my time there I fell in love with birth. I decided I’d take some courses and become a doula. I worked as a volunteer doula while I was finishing nursing school.

After graduating from nursing school I worked for a year at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital as a postpartum nurse. I loved it, but knew that I wanted to be around labor and birth. I decided to get away for a while and moved to Phoenix, Arizona and became a labor and delivery nurse. This job taught me so much. It was fast paced and intense…and very medically driven. It was frustrating at times as I was torn between the medical model of care and normal birth which I had become accustomed to as a doula After doing this for a few years, I decided to move home to settle down close to my family.

I began working at UNMC in labor and delivery here in Omaha. There, I met an awesome group of midwives. It was these midwives that encouraged me to go back to school and fulfill my dream. After 11 years as a labor and delivery nurse, I agreed, it was probably time for something more. I graduated from Frontier School of Midwifery in June of 2013.

I am married to my wonderful husband, Jason. We have three really cute kids Hudson, Maryn, and Graham. Craziness….but I love it!

I truly believe that midwifery was Gods calling for my life and find it a great honor and privilege to be a part of one of life’s greatest miracles.